We check special escort group metropolitan police everyone's passports he told the BBC.
Known only as Louise, she said she can earn up to 900 a week.She revealed she sees eight or nine clients on a busy day, with each charged 70 per half hour."Enforcement alone has proven to be an inadequate response to prostitution.".The owner, known only as Karl, said he has been involved in the sex industry for 15 years and earned around 60,000 a year.They look like mid-range hotel rooms - cream walls, dark grey bedding dressed sihanoukville prostitutes with a couple of silk cushions.
Speaking in one of the two bedrooms were clients are 'seen Louise explains the sex is simply a 'transactional behaviour' and that it's her job, adding: 'I do it because I want money'.
The women take 45 from that and 25 goes to the brothel.

"If I'm on my own and not in a brothel - which is what the law allows me to do - I'm at the mercy of whichever client decides to come in she says.The brothel does not allow drugs or alcohol and screens women before allowing them to work.For her it is a choice, she says, and she is not being exploited.Louise is British, has a diploma in marine biology and 20,000 of student debt."Sometimes friends will come together before a night out.We spoke to 11 women and members of staff at the brothel, who all told us they were working there by choice, and not under the control of anyone else.Sex workers are said to be safer if they are not on the streets Credit:.She chooses to work three or four days a week for 900 than for minimum wage in a petrol station."If they close us down, I could go to prison he said.Louise added: "If I'm on my own - which is what the law allows me to do - I'm at the mercy of whichever client decides to come.The conversation is punctuated every 10 minutes by the phone or front door bell ringing - a man making a booking or arriving for his "appointment".

Clients are charged 70 for each half hour.